Functions of CCI

Article 154(1) of the Constitution states that "The Council shall formulate and regulate policies in relation to matters in Part II of the Federal Legislative List and shall exercise supervision and control over related institutions."

Article 154 (3) provides that the Council shall have a permanent Secretariat and shall meet at least once in ninety days.

Article 155 of the Constitution extends the purview of CCI on resolution of a dispute among federation and the federating units or area’s governments regarding their rights on water from any natural source and authorizes the Federal or the Provincial Government concerned to make a complaint to CCI. The CCI can either decide or recommend the President to set up a Commission consisting of persons having knowledge and experience in irrigation, engineering, administration, finance and law under the Pakistan Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1956.

As regards “Electricity”, Article 157 while authorizing Federal Government to construct a hydro-electric or thermal power installation in any province in consultation with that province also authorizes the Provincial Governments to draw bulk supply from National Grid for transmission and distribution within the province, levy taxes on consumption, construct power houses and grid stations and lay transmission lines and also to determine electricity tariff within the Province. In case of any dispute in the matter, the Federal or Provincial Government can approach the CCI for resolution of the dispute.

Detailed procedure of the Council of Common Interests is provided in the Rules of Procedure of CCI 2010 (amended up to 22.4.2021)